Matthew McConaughey Returns For More Sexy Ads

Matthew McConaughey's 2017 Lincoln Continental Ads
Matthew McConaughey’s 2017 Lincoln Continental Ads

Matthew McConaughey is back for the Lincoln Continental commercials for the year 2017 and everyone is now, “alright, alright, alright.” While he did make an appearance in Pueblo, Colorado, stating it was most memorable, we thought we would bring the story of Matthew McConaughey a little further north to Colorado Springs.

After the recent unveiling of the new 2017 Lincoln Continental, it seems only right that McConaughey makes his way back to Lincoln to keep the brand alive with handsomeness. This go around, the Lincoln Continental commercials were shot in Iceland just 160 miles away from the capital Reykjavik. The TV commercials were shot by the man behind the camera for famous films “Inception” and “The Dark Knight,” Wally Pfister.

No doubt, Lincoln Continental has been around for a long while, although it hasn’t been the most popular of brands in America. With sales tripling in China this last year, Lincoln is still progressing as a brand and looking for new ways to promote their luxury vehicles.

The one-minute commercial starts with the soft tapping of a trap set and some smooth plucks of a base guitar. Viewers gaze upon the back of McConaughey’s head of curly hair and the Lincoln Continental blurred against a white plain. The sky and land meet on the horizon and McConaughey appears to be standing on a bed of water, which mirrors the bright sky above. The water highlights not only the dark façade of the handsome Matthew barely treading water, but also the glimmering wheels and the unmistakable Lincoln logo upon the grill side.

In multiple shots, time lapses while he stands with the sun behind him looking through the open door to the new Continental. The next few shots are of the gorgeous man in the front seat saying, with his velvety soft voice, “I mean you may never even sit in the back seat.” But doppelganger Matthew McConaughey relaxing in the back seat begs to differ, replying, “That’d be a shame.”

In the front seat, he gives a sexy smirk to his doppelganger and a hearty laugh before starting the vehicle with a push of the button. With a crash of thunder, the Continental races across the watery white plain making splashes beneath the wheels. The clouds pass over and bright sky gleams down onto the reflective waters.

He captures what it may feel like to grip the handle of this new ride, how it feels to have both control over your next destination and a relaxing faith in where you will end up.

“You may not just stand there looking at it,” says McConaughey in the first 20 seconds of the video, but hey, it’s Matthew McConaughey and we are of course going to stare at something or someone in this commercial.

The new Lincoln Continental commercial began airing on December 31st, and will be one of many other commercials for the Lincoln Brand.

To learn more about the Lincoln Continental at Phil Long Lincoln in Colorado Springs.