2017 Lincoln Continental Introduced at Phil Long

Phil Long Lincoln in Colorado Springs just recently introduced the brand new 2017 Lincoln Continental. The dealership hosted a huge party giving the public a chance to lay their eyes upon this sweet new flagship Lincoln sedan. There was no doubt, that this vehicle is a model of fancy and an excitement to those faithful to the Lincoln brand, and to think, the nameplate was retired!2017 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental is the definition of revival and reinvention and has been since 1939 when the very first Continental was born to Lincoln. Ford bought out Lincoln during the early 1920s during times of financial hardship, and since then has been producing models, with a little bit of the Ford design in mind, to reinvent the line of Lincoln models.

In 1940, when Edsel Ford tired of the boxy style of other cars that his father created, he began production of a luxury vehicle he could drive while on vacations, therefore beginning the line of Lincoln’s luxury vehicles.

Ten years after being released in 1939 for the first time, Continental was taken off the market for a few years to make room for another a new generation of vehicles that drew attention to the Mercury-Lincoln relationship; the EL-Series Mercury Eight.

In 1977, GM downsized, and the Continental and the Mark V were the two largest mass produced vehicles in the world. However, the Continental hadn’t had a new design for the past eight years, and it was due. Continental remained in and out of the market up until 1982 when they began producing new models again that were comparable to the Cadillac Seville.

Lincoln continued updating the Continental models through the 80s and the 90s. By 2002, after 52 years of production, the Lincoln Continental nameplate was retired and not expected to go into production again.

Yet, here we are, 14 years later, to witness Lincoln’s unveiling of an impressive luxury vehicle that will make you think you are royalty. Imagine, a secure PIN-code keyless-entry system attached to an E-latch door that opens to reveal the Lincoln Star logo welcome mat, so you don’t step into a puddle. Get comfy in a “serene.” and “spacious” interior and feel the velvety Bridge of Weird Deepsoft leather mold to your figure. You’ll think this car was made just for you.

Drawing inspiration from the Ford Fusion RS in respects to the Sync 3 and the AWD system, the Continental comes with smooth Scottish soft leather, and three sleek interior designs Thoroughbred, Rhapsody, and Chalet, that are sure to give you butterflies.

Situated behind the signature grille pattern, is a 305 horsepower 3.7-liter, V6 Engine, and 6-speed transmission. Inside the drive and passengers get to choose their ideal seating with 30-way power seats with heating and cooling. There is also an optional rear seating package complete with lumbar support and a built-in massage because who needs to go to a masseuse if you have one in your own car! This luxury sedan seats five, has extra USB ports in the rear seat for your charging needs, and a small champagne cooler to give your passengers the luxurious feel.

Talking more mechanics, the deck is packed with an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, a 10-speaker audio system to back it (19-speaker Revel audio if you feel like getting fancy), Sync 3 technology, power sunshade, Premier with parking sensors, rearview cameras, and HID headlights and LED taillights.

The handling isn’t too shabby either, though a lot of weight sits on the front end, there is no problem with drivability, and the vehicle hugs the road comfortably. The vehicle emphasizes not only a smooth ride but a quiet one. The cabin contains active noise control and acoustic laminated glass, and as an option, 20-inch foam-lined tires designed to absorb road noise.

With this vehicle, base models start at a mere $45,000 and can push upwards of $80,000 when fully loaded. This redesigned and the impressive luxury car isn’t just for nights out on the town or escorted business trips. This car could easily be a cruising-around-the-country on a wine tour kind of car, and especially with the champagne cooler, you could take some souvenirs home with you.



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