2016 Lincoln MKZ Comparison

The most class in its class, you will not find that in any vehicle other than the 2016 Lincoln MKZ. With an affordable price, abundance of room, available in an EcoBoosted engine, hybrid engine and 3.7L V6 engine, the MKZ is a wonderful gateway to get you into the world of luxury. Below we will be comparing the 2016 Lincoln MKZ four door front wheel drive with the ecoboosted turbo engine to the 2015 Acura TLX four door V6 and the 2016 Audi A3 four door 1.8T premium to help you decide which vehicle is the right fit of luxury for you.

2016 Lincoln MKZ comarpison for sale colorado springs co new vehicle
2016 Lincoln MKZ comarpison for sale colorado springs co new vehicle


There is a reason prices are clearly listed on vehicles, as it is a major influence on the vehicle you decide to purchase. While the starting MSRP of the A3 is lower than the MKZ which is lower than the TLX, once you equip the models comparably, the Lincoln comes out the most inexpensive at $36,115. The TLX rings up at $36,260, which the A3 is now the highest price at $36,970. The money saved can be used to fill up at the pump, which you will be doing less in the MKZ as it has a combined miles per gallon at 26; the TLX only has 25 miles per gallon, and the A3 does not have an accurate road-proven miles per gallon amount.


All three vehicles are able to sit five people. However, the MKZ offers the most amount of passenger volume with 96.5 cubic feet. The TLX only has 93.3, and the A3 has insufficient data. The MKZ also delivers the most front leg and front shoulder room with 44.3 inches of leg room and 57.7 inches of shoulder room, respectively. The TLX has 42.6 inches of leg room and 57.5 inches of shoulder room, while the A3 measures in with 41.2 inches of leg room and 54.8 inches of shoulder room. The driver and passengers are not the only things being transported in your vehicle, the MKZ also has the most trunk volume to store all your cargo. This truck offers 15.4 cubic feet of space, with the TLX offering 13.2 and the A3 12.3. With the MKZ, you’ll never have to sacrifice gear for extra room!

Next Steps

Ready to see one for yourself? Call now to schedule an appointment to test drive an MKZ or even just stop by Phil Long Ford Lincoln when you have a free moment to see our large inventory. Our sales staff is excited to meet you and get you into the life of luxury.


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