Make Lincoln MKX Your Summer SUV


2017 Lincoln MKX SUV in Colorado Springs at Phil Long
2017 Lincoln MKX SUV in Colorado Springs at Phil Long

Are you planning a big road trip this summer, well you owe it yourself I’m sure, so let’s make sure you gear up properly! Whether you are taking your first adventure to Havasu falls at the Grand Canyon or staying in-state to visit the waves of sands at the Sand Dunes near Alamosa, Colorado, you are going to need the cargo space and the room to bring all of your friends along. That’s why we are suggesting you choose the 2017 Lincoln MKX.

The cargo space is above average, allowing for 37.2 cubic feet of anything you need to haul, and then some. When the rear seats are folded down, cargo space expands to 70 cubic feet. Leg room is in the MKX is a good 2.8 inches more than the MKC for a total space of 39.6 inches of leg space. Don’t be afraid to invite your taller friends along on your journey, because there are 39.2 inches if head space too.

The 2017 Lincoln MKX is perfect for those fun-family vacations or those friend-ventures. Aside from the fact that it seats five people comfortably, and a cargo space large enough for your teenage daughters 18 suitcases, and then some, the MKX is a recommended model for another reason, the price tag. If you are in the search for a practical vehicle, with lots of space, and something that is budget-friendly, the MKX is the luxury mid-size SUV for you.

The MKX can include all of the best features as well as upgraded trim levels while still remaining under $40K. Did we mention that $40K could include a 22-way contour massage option? Hmm… better ask your dealer about that one! And while you’re relaxing in the massage chairs, you’ll experience a quiet cabin space courtesy of the noise-canceling features provided by Lincoln. Outside noise while on the road, won’t be able to make it inside.

Then there is the technology. I mean, you could have conversations with your buddies during your time on the road, but if you’re in the car for 10+ hours, you may need a little space from them too. Not to worry, the Lincoln MKX is equipped with everything a passenger needs to stay entertained. The SYNC 3 infotainment is available as an option as well as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto syncing with 8-speaker Bose Surround-System – you may think you are in a movie theatre. Specifically, the XT5 offers 4G-LTE WiFi hot spot. Basically, there is enough tech in the car to keep your kids quiet for hours!

If you are worried about safety and reliability, there is no doubt you can feel confident driving this SUV down the road. When equipped with AWD, the Lincoln MKX gets a perfect five-star overall rating according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The standard features for the base model of the MKX include the rearview camera and rear parking sensors, but you can add blind spot detection and rear cross traffic alerts for the Select trim. Reliability comes above average in comparison to other vehicles getting a 3.5 out of five-star rating.

There is no doubt, that this could be the luxury vacation vehicle of your dreams if you play your cards right. Our recommendation is that you talk to your local dealer about the options and which MKX model works for you (the Black Label trim level – just saying).

Did we also mention it’s pretty?

To test drive the 2017 Lincoln MKX vehicle, call or visit your local Phil Long Lincoln dealer in Colorado Springs. You can also view your online inventory to see our current selection.

For more information about the Lincoln MKX, call or visit us today!

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Matthew McConaughey Returns For More Sexy Ads

Matthew McConaughey's 2017 Lincoln Continental Ads
Matthew McConaughey’s 2017 Lincoln Continental Ads

Matthew McConaughey is back for the Lincoln Continental commercials for the year 2017 and everyone is now, “alright, alright, alright.” While he did make an appearance in Pueblo, Colorado, stating it was most memorable, we thought we would bring the story of Matthew McConaughey a little further north to Colorado Springs.

After the recent unveiling of the new 2017 Lincoln Continental, it seems only right that McConaughey makes his way back to Lincoln to keep the brand alive with handsomeness. This go around, the Lincoln Continental commercials were shot in Iceland just 160 miles away from the capital Reykjavik. The TV commercials were shot by the man behind the camera for famous films “Inception” and “The Dark Knight,” Wally Pfister.

No doubt, Lincoln Continental has been around for a long while, although it hasn’t been the most popular of brands in America. With sales tripling in China this last year, Lincoln is still progressing as a brand and looking for new ways to promote their luxury vehicles.

The one-minute commercial starts with the soft tapping of a trap set and some smooth plucks of a base guitar. Viewers gaze upon the back of McConaughey’s head of curly hair and the Lincoln Continental blurred against a white plain. The sky and land meet on the horizon and McConaughey appears to be standing on a bed of water, which mirrors the bright sky above. The water highlights not only the dark façade of the handsome Matthew barely treading water, but also the glimmering wheels and the unmistakable Lincoln logo upon the grill side.

In multiple shots, time lapses while he stands with the sun behind him looking through the open door to the new Continental. The next few shots are of the gorgeous man in the front seat saying, with his velvety soft voice, “I mean you may never even sit in the back seat.” But doppelganger Matthew McConaughey relaxing in the back seat begs to differ, replying, “That’d be a shame.”

In the front seat, he gives a sexy smirk to his doppelganger and a hearty laugh before starting the vehicle with a push of the button. With a crash of thunder, the Continental races across the watery white plain making splashes beneath the wheels. The clouds pass over and bright sky gleams down onto the reflective waters.

He captures what it may feel like to grip the handle of this new ride, how it feels to have both control over your next destination and a relaxing faith in where you will end up.

“You may not just stand there looking at it,” says McConaughey in the first 20 seconds of the video, but hey, it’s Matthew McConaughey and we are of course going to stare at something or someone in this commercial.

The new Lincoln Continental commercial began airing on December 31st, and will be one of many other commercials for the Lincoln Brand.

To learn more about the Lincoln Continental at Phil Long Lincoln in Colorado Springs.


2017 Lincoln Continental Introduced at Phil Long

Phil Long Lincoln in Colorado Springs just recently introduced the brand new 2017 Lincoln Continental. The dealership hosted a huge party giving the public a chance to lay their eyes upon this sweet new flagship Lincoln sedan. There was no doubt, that this vehicle is a model of fancy and an excitement to those faithful to the Lincoln brand, and to think, the nameplate was retired!2017 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental is the definition of revival and reinvention and has been since 1939 when the very first Continental was born to Lincoln. Ford bought out Lincoln during the early 1920s during times of financial hardship, and since then has been producing models, with a little bit of the Ford design in mind, to reinvent the line of Lincoln models.

In 1940, when Edsel Ford tired of the boxy style of other cars that his father created, he began production of a luxury vehicle he could drive while on vacations, therefore beginning the line of Lincoln’s luxury vehicles.

Ten years after being released in 1939 for the first time, Continental was taken off the market for a few years to make room for another a new generation of vehicles that drew attention to the Mercury-Lincoln relationship; the EL-Series Mercury Eight.

In 1977, GM downsized, and the Continental and the Mark V were the two largest mass produced vehicles in the world. However, the Continental hadn’t had a new design for the past eight years, and it was due. Continental remained in and out of the market up until 1982 when they began producing new models again that were comparable to the Cadillac Seville.

Lincoln continued updating the Continental models through the 80s and the 90s. By 2002, after 52 years of production, the Lincoln Continental nameplate was retired and not expected to go into production again.

Yet, here we are, 14 years later, to witness Lincoln’s unveiling of an impressive luxury vehicle that will make you think you are royalty. Imagine, a secure PIN-code keyless-entry system attached to an E-latch door that opens to reveal the Lincoln Star logo welcome mat, so you don’t step into a puddle. Get comfy in a “serene.” and “spacious” interior and feel the velvety Bridge of Weird Deepsoft leather mold to your figure. You’ll think this car was made just for you.

Drawing inspiration from the Ford Fusion RS in respects to the Sync 3 and the AWD system, the Continental comes with smooth Scottish soft leather, and three sleek interior designs Thoroughbred, Rhapsody, and Chalet, that are sure to give you butterflies.

Situated behind the signature grille pattern, is a 305 horsepower 3.7-liter, V6 Engine, and 6-speed transmission. Inside the drive and passengers get to choose their ideal seating with 30-way power seats with heating and cooling. There is also an optional rear seating package complete with lumbar support and a built-in massage because who needs to go to a masseuse if you have one in your own car! This luxury sedan seats five, has extra USB ports in the rear seat for your charging needs, and a small champagne cooler to give your passengers the luxurious feel.

Talking more mechanics, the deck is packed with an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, a 10-speaker audio system to back it (19-speaker Revel audio if you feel like getting fancy), Sync 3 technology, power sunshade, Premier with parking sensors, rearview cameras, and HID headlights and LED taillights.

The handling isn’t too shabby either, though a lot of weight sits on the front end, there is no problem with drivability, and the vehicle hugs the road comfortably. The vehicle emphasizes not only a smooth ride but a quiet one. The cabin contains active noise control and acoustic laminated glass, and as an option, 20-inch foam-lined tires designed to absorb road noise.

With this vehicle, base models start at a mere $45,000 and can push upwards of $80,000 when fully loaded. This redesigned and the impressive luxury car isn’t just for nights out on the town or escorted business trips. This car could easily be a cruising-around-the-country on a wine tour kind of car, and especially with the champagne cooler, you could take some souvenirs home with you.


Lincoln Car Loans in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lincoln Car Loans and Financing at Phil Long Lincoln in Colorado Springs
Lincoln Car Loans and Financing are available at Phil Long Lincoln in Colorado Springs.

Congratulations on making the great decision to purchase or lease a Lincoln car or SUV! Phil Long Lincoln makes it easy to get you approved for a car loan and provide financing for your new car. We are also able to assist in financing a used car or a used SUV if that is what you are in the market for.

The first step to achieving your dream of owning or leasing a Lincoln is to check our online car loan calculator. This will give you an instant car loan rate so you can get an idea of what you are looking at before moving onto the next step of Lincoln ownership.

We offer an online finance application so you can easily apply and take the next step to getting yourself in affordable luxury with Lincoln! All of this is possible from the comfort of your home or office online so you can do it on your own time.

Visit us online to begin the best decision of your life, Lincoln vehicle ownership or leasing. We here at Phil Long Lincoln are excited to help you realize your dream car is within reach and we can help you get started today.

Certified Pre Owned Lincoln

Buying used cars is a great option for many circumstances. Buying new is great too, but for the rate at which vehicles depreciate, often times buying a used vehicle is a better choice. At Phil Long Lincoln, we have a selection of used vehicles which fall into our certified pre-owned category. These cars are the Lincoln luxury standard you are used to, but certified according to our standards.

When we purchase a vehicle that will be sold as a Certified Pre Owned (CPO) vehicle, we first run it through a two hundred point inspection. Any item that does not pass the unique 200 point inspection is replaced or repaired with a factory part. If the vehicle fails to meet our stringent criteria, we do not certify it, it truly is that simple.

Some people fear buying a used vehicle because they do not get the factory warranty in case something goes wrong. Fear not with Lincoln’s Certified Pre Owned program, as each vehicle comes with a comprehensive limited warranty. The warranty covers more than 1000 components and protects you against failure of covered components caused by abnormal wear from defective materials or workmanship, also including mechanical breakdowns.  The warranty covers your new used vehicle for six years from the original Lincoln new Vehicle Limited Warranty start date, or up to 100,000 miles on the odometer, whichever one comes first. It covers parts and labor, but not wear and tear items.

When purchasing a certified pre owned Lincoln, you get the assurance of 24-Hour Roadside Assistance. No matter what the road throws at your and your vehicle, you’re covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year by our complimentary roadside assistance.

As you have come to expect with Phil Long Lincoln, quality service is our main goal. When buying a certified pre owned vehicle you receive the same quality service as someone who buys a brand-new Lincoln.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about certified pre owned lincoln cars and SUVs, come by our dealership today in Colorado Springs and we will be extremely happy to answer all your questions and get you in a vehicle for a test drive!

Phil Long Lincoln Owner Advantage Awards

Owning a Lincoln from Phil Long Lincoln is a step into the life of affordable luxury. However, there are certain Lincoln owner rewards of which you may not be aware.

Phil Long Lincoln Owner Advantage Rewards Colorado springs Co
Become a member of Lincoln Owner Rewards today!

We wanted to make all our current and future Lincoln owners aware of the Lincoln Owner Advantage Rewards, a program designed to show our appreciated for your loyalty. Each time you come in for service, you can come in knowing you will be getting competitive prices, convenient hours and the expertise of factory trained Lincoln technicians.

Being a member of the Lincoln Owner Rewards brings benefits immediately, starting with a $10 enrollment bonus. After that, you receive a 5% credit on parts and service purchases that you can utilize during future visits. We also send you special oil change offers that are owner reward member exclusives! Some service rebates get rolled into rewards, and all the vehicles in your household earn rewards, regardless of the make or model. All you have to do is let your service advisor know you’re a member and you get the benefits.

Lincoln Owner Advantage even as a mobile app allowing you to check your current balance, any special offers and more, from the convenience of your smart phone.

Don’t wait any longer, begin taking advantage of your Lincoln ownership rewards today! Visit us online and enroll today!



2016 Lincoln MKZ Comparison

The most class in its class, you will not find that in any vehicle other than the 2016 Lincoln MKZ. With an affordable price, abundance of room, available in an EcoBoosted engine, hybrid engine and 3.7L V6 engine, the MKZ is a wonderful gateway to get you into the world of luxury. Below we will be comparing the 2016 Lincoln MKZ four door front wheel drive with the ecoboosted turbo engine to the 2015 Acura TLX four door V6 and the 2016 Audi A3 four door 1.8T premium to help you decide which vehicle is the right fit of luxury for you.

2016 Lincoln MKZ comarpison for sale colorado springs co new vehicle
2016 Lincoln MKZ comarpison for sale colorado springs co new vehicle


There is a reason prices are clearly listed on vehicles, as it is a major influence on the vehicle you decide to purchase. While the starting MSRP of the A3 is lower than the MKZ which is lower than the TLX, once you equip the models comparably, the Lincoln comes out the most inexpensive at $36,115. The TLX rings up at $36,260, which the A3 is now the highest price at $36,970. The money saved can be used to fill up at the pump, which you will be doing less in the MKZ as it has a combined miles per gallon at 26; the TLX only has 25 miles per gallon, and the A3 does not have an accurate road-proven miles per gallon amount.


All three vehicles are able to sit five people. However, the MKZ offers the most amount of passenger volume with 96.5 cubic feet. The TLX only has 93.3, and the A3 has insufficient data. The MKZ also delivers the most front leg and front shoulder room with 44.3 inches of leg room and 57.7 inches of shoulder room, respectively. The TLX has 42.6 inches of leg room and 57.5 inches of shoulder room, while the A3 measures in with 41.2 inches of leg room and 54.8 inches of shoulder room. The driver and passengers are not the only things being transported in your vehicle, the MKZ also has the most trunk volume to store all your cargo. This truck offers 15.4 cubic feet of space, with the TLX offering 13.2 and the A3 12.3. With the MKZ, you’ll never have to sacrifice gear for extra room!

Next Steps

Ready to see one for yourself? Call now to schedule an appointment to test drive an MKZ or even just stop by Phil Long Ford Lincoln when you have a free moment to see our large inventory. Our sales staff is excited to meet you and get you into the life of luxury.

2016 Lincoln MKC Comparison

The Lincoln MKC is a beautiful blend of affordability, style and luxury, and you can get yours at Phil Long Lincoln here in Colorado Springs. Affordable luxury is achieved in the MKC with features that make your drive comfortable and safer with an overall better driving and riding experience.

2016 Lincoln MKC comparison for sale in Colorado Springs Co Phil Long Lincoln New SUV
2016 Lincoln MKC

If you’re in the market for a Lincoln MKC, chances are you are also looking at the Acura RDX as well as Audi Q5, let’s see what sets the Lincoln apart in the luxury SUV line-up!

Price is always a factor when looking into purchasing a new vehicle and Lincoln realizes this. Giving you the most bang for your buck and getting the latest and greatest luxury features is the MKC, starting at $39,585, approximately $1,000 less than the Acura RDX and the Audi Q5 is even more at $40,570. When attempting to match all the vehicles with comparably equipment options, the MKC comes in at $40,510, the Acura at $41,510 and the Audi shooting much higher than the former at $49,725!

A huge part of luxury is the space you and your passengers have to stretch out and enjoy. The MKC is an overall shorter vehicle than the RDX and Q5, but still packs an impressive amount of interior space. The MKX has 39.6 inches of front head room, and 42.8 inches of front leg room, while the RDX has 38.7 inches of head room and 42 inches of leg room, and the Q5 at 39 head room inches and 41 inches of leg room. Less money, more space, who can argue that?
What you’re now going to want to do is experience an MKC for yourself. Phil Long Lincoln has test drives available, an incredibly knowledgeable sales staff ready to answer your questions and of course a large inventory for you to choose from! Set an appointment today, or just swing by the dealership if you are free later in the day to see the 2016 Lincoln MKC! We are excited to see you.